Physical education teachers are also referred to as PE teachers or sports teachers. The job description for a PE teacher includes being responsible for the physical fitness of students. In this career, the teacher should be able to supervise students outside of the classroom since sports activities are done indoors in a gym or outdoors. As a PE teacher, you will be expected to motivate students to take interest in leisure activities and encourage them to pursue their interests. This means that the educator should have a lot of information about the students. You should be competent in sports such as gymnastics, athletics, swimming and health-related fitness. Other types of activities that the educator could get involved in include teaching students’ first aid or coaching sports teams. To maintain a healthy work life balance, it is important that you as the teacher be physically fit too since you will be on your feet most of the day.

Courses, Training, Certification

A physical education teacher has to undergo professional training. The least qualification for physical education jobs is a tertiary education.  There are a lot of schools and colleges that offer various courses for physical education teachers. These courses involve certificate courses, diplomas and degrees.

Physical education programs are usually tailored such that the teacher trainees have to undergo at least one teaching practice in the course of their program regardless of whether they are doing a certification online course or attending classes in an ordinary school.

Bachelor degree programs usually take four years. Once you graduate and attain a teaching certification, you are eligible to be appointed to a second level school.

Some colleges demand that potential students first pass entry tests such as the movement ability test before being admitted into a program.

Schools, Colleges, Universities offering Physical Education Teaching Degrees

Before enrolling in a college, it is a prerequisite to take entrance exams if you did not sit for your SAT or ACT in high school.

Top 5 schools that offer training for Physical Education Career teachers include:

  • Alblene Christian University in Texas offers Bachelors degree, Associates and Masters Programs in Physical Education
  • Gonzaga University in Washington provides courses in Bachelors and Masters
  • Suny College in New York offers Undergraduate and Masters
  • Florida State University in Florida
  • University of Georgia in Georgia


With obesity rates going up, you can be sure there is a demand for physical fitness classes in schools. This translates to more jobs for PE educators.

Assessments during recruitment for physical education teachers include whether the teacher is emotionally mature, firm and disciplined.Schools also search for teachers who have a desire for information and are updated.

When searching for PE teacher jobs, keep in mind that the average salary for a special education teacher is $56,000. The pay for a PE educator aide is $21,000. The starting salary is $35,000. Acquiring a master’s degree in PE does not guarantee higher paying opportunities. However, pay also largely depends on your level of experience.

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