Physical Training Career

Career Description:

Staying physically healthy or fit requires one to watch over his diet and exercise.  One needs to involve himself in physical training to maintain one’s health condition.  Physical training involves drills, exercises, techniques and nutrition.  As one undergoes physical training, one is provided support, motivation and encouragement by a physical trainer.  A physical trainer is responsible for planning, developing and implementing fitness programs.   He educates clients and provides consultations regarding fitness and health.  He also demonstrates the use of equipments and show proper workout techniques.  The physical trainer keeps records if client information in order to track and monitor a clients progress.  He then evaluates the physical training program to know its effectiveness.

How to become a Physical Trainer

To become a physical trainer one may go through a certification program or a degree program.  One may take an associate or bachelor’s degree in physical education, nutrition or other related fields.  The chance of getting employed is better if one undergoes or earns both certification and degree program.  Choose a specialization to know what courses to take and where to get practical experience.  Become certified as a physical trainer and gain experience while working in various health centers or establishments.  Obtain continuing education courses not just to maintain one’s certification but to improve one’s skills and techniques.

Physical Training Courses, training, programs

A physical education degree allows one to gain a background in various areas such as methods of physical education, fitness assessment, activity and sports analysis, health and physical activity, physical growth and motor development.  One is also trained in various types of physical fitness exercises and sports.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Indiana University, Indiana

SUNY College at Cortland, New York

Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College, Louisiana

Azusa Pacific University, California

SUNY College at Brockport, New York

Physical Training Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A physical trainer may secure an employment in a gym, fitness club, hospital, rehabilitation center, hotel, spa or resort.  One may venture out and start his own business as well.  One may earn from $20,021 to $88,437 depending on one’s experience, location and employer.

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