Plumbing Career

The hygiene and sanitation of the household are your responsibility. Your job actually spares families and individuals the pain of being affected by water borne diseases and other diseases related to the absence of proper hygiene.

The modern plumber is responsible for the running and arranging of pipes that supply water to buildings, setting up of fixtures and the installation of pipes for carrying away of waste water and other waste matter.

How to Become a Plumber

Those aspiring to a plumber career can begin by applying to be a plumber’s helper. You will learn about plumbing practically as you assist and observe the plumber on his jobs. Apprenticeship is the best way to learn about the art of plumbing. The period required for apprenticeship is dependent on regulations of the state or relevant authority. Having worked for the required period you can then apply for certification.

Types, Description, Information

You may begin your plumbing career as an apprenticeship plumber. With enough experience behind you applying for certification will be easy. Plumbers can then develop their careers to become journeyman plumbers, foremen or choose to specialize in any area in plumbing such as plumbing in ships and boats as a marine plumber or a steam fitter.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

If you are aspiring to be a plumber you should begin by obtaining common school education. You can then apply to a plumbing company to work as an apprentice or attend a plumbing course at a vocational or technical school.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

Obtaining a formal educational qualification is not absolutely necessary to become a successful plumber. There are no degree courses for this occupation. However there are several trade, vocational and technical schools that offer two and three year programs that will provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge in plumbing. If you decide to attend a school so as to obtain formal qualifications then you can do with the two year apprenticeship if you choose to.

Here are some of the best schools;

Professional Career Development Institute Georgia

Vatterott College Ohio

Lincoln Tech — New Jersey

Ashworth College –Georgia

TESST College of Technology — Baltimore

Job opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

There has been increased interest in sanitation that has sparked growth in the plumbing industry. Regulations for building and construction are becoming even more stringent. Individuals and organizations are being forced to adhere to the rules and regulations. This is good news for plumbers since contractors must ensure that the work done on their plumbing systems are done professionally.

Employment in plumbing is set to increase over the next few years. Many plumbers however are self employed and creating more opportunities for other plumbers as well.

A plumber earns between $35 and $50 a week. The annual average is about $43,000.

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