PMO Analyst Career

The PMO analyst career revolves around business needs analysis, business recommendations, and project communications.  The PMO analyst, also known as project management office analyst, is an important part of short-term and long-term projects.  One is tasked to establish and improve an organization’s business procedures and processes.  Aside from that, the PMO analyst monitors and evaluates progress of projects making sure that any problem encountered is solved.

Other tasks would include maintenance of systems and controls, expense forecasting, budgeting, provide support, accomplish benefit analysis, organize and facilitate projects, monitor performance, update project methods, and prepare project statues reports. Changes in the project plans is evaluated, reviews, and maintained by the PMO analyst as well. This career requires an individual with business and technology background.

How to become a PMO Analyst

To become a PMO analyst, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in business, technology, computer science, or other related field.  As some employers prefer those with post graduate work, one may pursue a master’s degree.  Gain relevant experience in training, support, PMO tools and procedures, and process analysis.  Having experience in the industry of technology qualifies one for this career position.  Skills in communication, organization, management, analysis, and customer service are a must.  One must also obtain financial certifications.

PMO Analyst Courses, training, programs

A business degree prepares an PMO analyst for the various challenges of this type of career.  Through the program, one gains background in various areas such as accounting, business law and ethics, management, marketing, economics, business finance, business statistics, accounting transactions, business decisions, and business strategies.  The program also includes courses that allow the student to gain practical skills.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Stanford University, California

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), Massachusetts

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Pennsylvania

Northwestern University (Kellogg), Illinois

PMO Analyst Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A PMO analyst has the opportunity to earn an average of $89,000 per year.  The salary is dependent on the work location, employer, experience, and benefits.  Employment may be found in various industries such as financial services, government contractor, information technology services, healthcare, and business consulting.

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