Police Officer Career

One of the most dangerous but honorable career is that of a police officer.  Being in the field of law enforcement gives one the feeling of prestige.  A police officer receives a competitive salary and a good retirement benefit.  This career requires one to be physically and mentally fit.  There is a lot of stress for people in this field and one has to have a healthy lifestyle in order to reap the benefits of the job.

How to become a Police Officer

Once one becomes interested in becoming a police officer one must have courses in math, computer applications and sciences that deals with behavior.   A student can engage in sports and other activities that makes one physically fit.  It is a must that a police officer maintains good health and stamina.  One may get a certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree related to criminal-justice.  A degree will help one advance in his career.  There are also police training programs one must take.  And to be able to be more effective on the job one must at least learn a foreign language.  One must make sure he has a clean record.  There should not be records on felony, drug and traffic violations and other indiscreet records.

Police Officer Courses, training, programs

Training programs and coursework does not only equip students with knowledge and skills, character and attitude is also built.  Aspiring police officers are trained to solve problems and become leaders.  One is trained to handle emergencies and investigate crimes.  The rigorous training, both physical and mental, of a police officer allows one to protect, save lives and maintain peace and order.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Arizona State University

Miami Dade College

Houston Community College

Michigan State University

University of South Florida

Police Officer Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Upon completion of a degree one may work in a number of agencies.  A police officer may work in a field he wants to specialize in. There is also a chance for promotion.  One can become a detective or earn positions such as corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.  A police officer may earn from $28,784 to $77,694 annually.

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