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Career Description

Some public policies that are in place today may be ineffective and require to be changed for the betterment of society. The change maker is a policy analyst who examines public policies and makes recommendations to make policies more effective when implemented. Policy analysts work in the fields of science and technology, planning, economy, etc. They are an integral part of the machinery of an organization.

How to become a policy analyst:

To become a policy analyst, you must have interest in the field of public administration, economics, political science, law, business, etc. The larger exposure you have to policy makers or advisors, the better it is for you. Also, one must also apply for internships with practicing analysts. It is always better to have an advanced degree like a PhD or at least masters.

Policy Analyst courses, training and program:

The courses you choose equip you with analytical skills and expertise in a particular field. You learn how the legal system works, and how a policy unfolds something spectacular for an organization. You need to know how to make a policy given the societal and legal constraints and still meet specific demands.

Policy Analyst school/ colleges, education:

It is always better to first specialize in a specific field. Colleges offer various courses, and it is always preferable to choose the best course in the best college. As mentioned earlier, you can specialize in public health, economics, business, political science, etc.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • Harvard- Economics, Public Policy Analysis, Business
  • Duke University- Public Policy Analysis
  • Carnegie Mellon- Public Policy Analysis
  • University of Michigan
  • Indiana University

Policy Analysis job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Policy analysts are often recruited by policy research firms or interest groups. Government agencies also hire policy analysts. The Chief Economic Advisor to the President is always an economist working as a policy analyst. Policy analysts earn around $40,000 to $75,000 depending on skills and experience. As a policy analyst, it is more important to love what you are doing and not worry about material gains.

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