Poultry Scientist Career

The poultry industry provides vast opportunities for those pursuing a career as a poultry scientist.  As a poultry scientist one has the responsibility of applying his knowledge and skills in the management of poultry and its products.  Being a poultry scientist does not necessarily mean that lab work or research, a poultry scientist can also enter the world of business.  This is one career where one can bring his passions into good use.

How to become a Poultry Scientist

Earning a bachelor’s degree that allows one to practice sciences such as food science, biology, chemistry and agriculture can gain one a career of a poultry scientist.  An individual can earn a bachelor’s degree in Animal Husbandry or Veterinary Science.  Then one can proceed and get a master’s degree in Poultry Science.  Since poultry science covers a variety of fields one can get a hold of the Poultry Science Graduate programs and choose a specialization.  An individual can study further and pursue a doctoral degree in Poultry Science and get better employment opportunities.

Poultry Scientist Courses, training, programs

A poultry science student is highly trained in the sciences.  Poultry science covers poultry nutrition, biology, physiology, management, and production.  The exciting world of poultry science provides extensive laboratory work and research to further equip aspiring poultry scientists.   Internships are also available for poultry science students.  A poultry scientist is not only equipped with technical and critical thinking skills, he is also able to effectively communicate and effectively work with a team.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Phoenix

Anthem College

Broadview University

Brown Mackie College

Carrington College

Poultry Scientist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

There are various industries that employ poultry scientists.  Graduates of poultry science are ready to take positions in a competitive world.  One is well-trained that he can do research, consultations, teaching jobs, breeding programs and poultry management. Poultry scientists can work in the agribusiness industry, research and development, education and engineering.  The average annual salary of a poultry scientist is $56,436.  The career of a poultry scientist entails much training but it also comes with self-fulfillment and success.

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