Power Plant Technician Career

Career Description

The maintenance, monitoring and control of equipments in power plants are done by a power plant technician.  The power plant technician is responsible for making sure that power plant equipments such as generators, boilers and turbines are properly controlled and maintained.  The amount of power are controlled and adjusted by a power plant technician with the use of computer systems.  He is also tasked to troubleshoot and repair equipments that are defective or malfunctioning.  Being familiar with safety regulations helps the power plant technician do his work efficiently and effectively.  One must also have excellent communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

How to become a Power Plant Technician

To become a power plant technician one must have completed high school of GED.  For better job opportunities, one may earn a training course or degree in electrical engineering or other related fields. Gain employment and get into practical training. On-the-job training is provided for by the employer.  Obtain a license and certification as required by one’s location. Classroom training will also benefit an aspiring power plant technician. Take continuing education classes to be updated with the various changes in technology.

Power Plant Technician Courses, training, programs

An associate degree in electrical engineering allows a power plant technician to gain the necessary background and skills for the job.  The program covers various topics such as communication, geometry, calculus, information technology, engineering physics, engineering graphics, chemistry, health and safety, statistics, circuit analysis, differential equations and applications, analog devices and digital electronics.  The program allows one to take electives as well.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of Illinois-Urbana, Illinois

Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Power Plant Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A power plant technician has the opportunity to earn from $37,479 to $88,883 per year.  The salary depends in the location, employer, experience and benefits.  Advancement towards a senior technician position requires one to gain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.  Employment may be secured in various industries such as energy and utilities, electrical distribution, and power management.

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  1. ABDUL SULE says:

    Application for the post of power technician.
    I here by apply for the post of power technician in your administration as advertised by jobberman.
    I graduated from Kaduna polytechnic in the year 2005 where i oatained Higher National Diploma in electrical engineering.
    I have six years working experience and i shall be grateful if my application is given a favourable consideration. Thanks.

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