Preschool teachers interact a lot with kids. They teach children aged 4-6 using a lot of interactive activities such as songs, storytelling, games and play. Nursery teachers strive to develop the social functionalities of children and begin introducing them to new concepts such as scientific facts, language development, reading and writing. This forms the academic foundation of the kids. You have to be fun and know how to keep the children safe.

How to become a Preschool teacher-information

Get a Bachelor of education degree in elementary education from a 4 year accredited University.

In most states, to become a nursery school teacher, you should at least have an Associate’s degree.

You should then enroll in a teaching program where you will undergo an internship in a nursery or elementary school.

You can then choose to enroll in a professional development school.

Acquire a teaching license from the State Board of Education. You will have to pass a basic reading, teaching and writing test first to get the license.

Some people start off their preschool teacher career by enrolling as an assistant preschool teacher before they qualify to become a fully fledged teacher.

In most cases, to become a pre-kindergarten teacher you will be required to know First Aid and CPR for infants. You might also need to undergo police background checks and be fingerprinted.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

To know the entrance qualifications for preschool teacher training colleges, you will have to get in direct contact with the colleges.

In your teacher training programs, you will have classes in basic Math, English and social education.

In preschool teacher training programs, some of the classes you will go through include Curriculum Methods, Teacher Child Relations, andClassroom Management.

Schools, Colleges, Universities offering Teaching Degrees

Some of the Colleges that offer training for those who want to pursue preschool teacher careers are:

Goodwin College

Kaper College Campus

Independence University

Kaplan University and University of Phoenix are renowned for being some of the best Universities that offer training for Daycare instructors

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The average pay for those who want to pursue preschool teacher careers was $12.95 per hour by 2005. Highly experienced teachers earn at least $70,000 in a year. The US labor Statistics projects that the demand for preschool teachers will continue to grow especially fast through to 2014. This is because more mothers are choosing to work outside the home; hence more children are going to kindergarten at very early ages.  There is also availability of government funded programs.

To begin your nursery teacher job search, you can begin by making your portfolio. Put down your past experiences, sample lesson, activities and ideas you have come up with previously. Include duties you carried out while handling children. Then you should come up with a professional looking CV. Look for a nursery school which has a low student- teacher ratio. Places to look for preschool teacher job opportunities include on the Internet, newspaper classifieds and professional journals. You can also apply for jobs directly to the superintendent of school Districts.

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  1. Upasana Das says:

    I am Upasana Das.i stay Garia station.i read in B.A 3rd year appered.I interested the job.tecnical qulification DDTP and Teacher Traning Crose of Computer.

  2. Im 15 and also interested in becoming a nursery school teacher as i love working with children, but not predicted to get high enough grades to work in primary schools. I was wondering; do you just have to go to collage? or do you have to go to university and 6 form? I have tried looking for websites giving me information, but have not found anything usefull. If you can help me it would be much appretiated.
    And i live in England … if that helps at all?
    ps. and what grades for GCSE do i need?
    Thankyou again.

  3. meme says:

    I want to open a pre school so i need to know which couses to do i only have Grade11 for 1994 since i love working with children I need to learn more help.

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