Printer Technician Career

Career Description

The printer technician takes on customer service duties on printers, computers, and networks. It is his responsibility to troubleshoot and find out the reasons for printer, computer or equipment malfunction.  The installation of networks, software and computer security is done by a printer technician.  He is responsible for equipment repair as well.  He may also work on other office equipment.  The printer technician is tasked to do administrative work and provides customer service feedback report.  To do this job efficiently and effectively, one has to have a background in printer or office equipment repair.  One must have the skills in troubleshooting and diagnosis. It is a must for a printer technician to have excellent communication and customer service skills as well.

How to become a Printer Technician

To become a printer technician one must at least have a high school diploma or GED. Gain relevant experience should one choose not to pursue a degree But pursuing a degree will increase one’s chance of getting employed. One may earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, computer systems, programming or other computer-related degree.  Obtain a certification as a printer technician.  On-the-job training is provided by the employer to help one get ready for the career responsibilities and tasks.  Gaining much experience will benefit a printer technician should he desire for advancement.

Printer Technician Courses, training, programs

A degree in computer science gives one a background in various areas like programming, algorithms, digital hardware, mathematics, calculus, algebra, statistics, computer architecture, computer graphics, compilers, data bases, computer networks, computer security, machine learning, computer-aided formal verification, computer animation, program analysis, information retrieval, and software verification.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of California-Berkeley, California

Cornell University, New York

Printer Technician Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of a printer technician is $34,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in various industries such as printing and imaging solutions, computer services, computer repair and maintenance, electrical and mechanical repair, and insurance.

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