Product Marketing Engineer Career

Career Description:

A product marketing engineer is an individual who is hired by a product manufacturing company to analyze how well the product is expected to do once it is launched in the market and who should be the target audience for a certain product category. This job requires a person to have exceptional engineering capabilities and analytic skills. One should also be knowledgeable about marketing and sales strategies which can help a product sell into the market.

How to Become a Product Marketing Engineer:

To become a product marketing engineer, an individual may need to complete bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering. He/she may select electronics or mechanical engineering stream and must also be good at marketing and people skills. Any person who is interested in this field should also have command over the way a manufacturing business is run and what kinds of products are popular in the market.

Product Marketing Engineer Career Courses, Training and Programs:

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is a must for anyone who wishes to work as a product marketing engineer. Sometimes, an MBA degree is also required to be able to do justice at this job position. Apart from these degrees, there are certain marketing or product marketing related short terms courses which can be taken up by an interested candidate.

Product Marketing Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

Since to become a product marketing engineer, one needs engineering degree and may be MBA, there are ample number of colleges and universities which can help the person tread on this field. There are many engineering colleges and business schools which can equip an individual with the required education.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University College of Berkeley

Columbia University

New York University

Product Marketing Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

The average median salary of a product marketing engineer is $78297.

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