Production Artist Career

Career Description:

A production artist’s work is to contribute the artistic aspects of a project, like designs of a print advertisement, television advertisements, films, etc. Production artists may not always contribute the designs, but reviews them and suggests changes. They contribute more as analysts of designs and guide the design team.

How to become a production artist:

You need to have an aptitude for design and be creative.  You need to improve your artistic skills in different mediums. You need to be able to work on softwares and produce digital content. You can pursue diplomas in communication, graphic designing or degrees in animation. In such creative fields, it is always better to gain experience before you start hunting for jobs. You can either intern for practicing designers or become a freelance designer. There are many online portals that you will find. You need to maintain a portfolio of all your creations as tangible proof of your skills.

Production artist training/ program:

You need to acquire technical knowledge as these days everything is digitized. Add technical skills to your sketching skills are a must to become a successful production artist. This means you must equip yourselves with the knowledge of design softwares. You need to be able to translate the requirement of your clients in the visual format through the use of computers.

Production artist schools/ colleges:

Many design schools offer courses for production artists. These courses include graphic designing, animation. Also, courses like film making or mass communication also teach designing.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • California College of Arts
  • Otis College of Art and Design
  • Cleveland Institute of Art
  • University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

Production artist job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Production artists get leading positions only after a certain period of experience. Often they start out as layout artists or assistants. Many also prefer doing freelance work or start their own design houses. There is no limit to the level of income. It all depends on the magnitude of clients and projects. Average salary in production houses is $46,000 pa.

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