Production Assistant Career

Career Description:

The work of production assistant revolves around managing the aspects of a production of a film or television program. There are several important points to be accounted for – allocation and accountability of the financial resources, labor related matters, the issues of censorship and other statutory regulations. The production assistant needs to oversee the main operational activities in the outdoor and indoor sets of the film/program. He/she needs to document the proceedings on a regular basis and report it to the senior/s.

How to become a production assistant:

A person interested in becoming a production assistant must choose the stream of film studies in his/her undergraduate degree. A well-knit course in film appreciation involving theoretical details and relevant technical applications is very helpful for one to develop ideas regarding television and film productions.

Some of the candidates also pursue doctorate studies in the field to better the prospects.

Production assistant career courses, training, programs:

There are several courses and degrees on film appreciation and television production that are the apt programs for a person who has genuine interest in becoming a successful production assistant.

There are platforms for getting involved in decent production related projects that give ample knowledge to the concerned person.

Production assistant career schools/colleges, education:

There are various top tier media schools that have extensive programs teaching the facets of production. The universities and colleges in the USA in the field of media and production are praised across the world. Almost all of them boast of updated course modules in this regard.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

The Chicago Film School

The UCLA Media School

University of Southern California

Brown University

Production assistant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The remuneration levels of a production assistant are huge. The mid-tier production houses offer close to, or even more than, $100,000/annum to the new recruits. It is not impossible to begin the career with a salary of around $60K/annum for a small production house.

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