Production Manager Career

Career Description:

A production manager takes on the responsibility of managing production, handling and shipping of products.  He is to hire, train, supervise, oversee and evaluate the production staff.  He is tasked to manage project plans, production progress, documentations, inquiries and product services.  Setting up working schedules, production goals and equipment monitoring schedules is part of the responsibilities.  He also makes sure that the quality of products passes the standards.  The production manager works hand in hand with contractors, designers, vendors, and staff to meet the job requirements.  The challenges of a production manager’s job require one to have the skills in leadership, communication, organization, analysis and problem-solving. It is a must that an individual vying for a production manager career should gain formal education and practical experience as well.

How to become a Production Manager

To become a production manager, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering management, management, administration or other related technical-field.  Gaining experience and skills through an industrial training program is also beneficial.  Get into an entry-level position in production and learn the ins and outs of the production operations.  To move up to a management position in production, one must have the necessary years of experience in production management.  Pursue higher studies and earn advanced courses to gain specialized knowledge and skills.  It is a must that a production manager continues to update himself with the latest trends and changes in technology.

Production Manager Courses, training, programs

An engineering management course trains one in the aspect of management and engineering. Courses include various areas such as economics, planning, leadership, sales, marketing, human resource, engineering laws, and cost management.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

George Washington University, Washington, DC

Kansas State University, Kansas

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

University of Arizona, Arizona

California State University-Northridge, California

Production Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The salary of a production manager ranges from $60,902 to $108,724 per year.  His salary depends on his work location, type of employer and years of experience.  The production manager may secure employment in various manufacturing companies, government facilities, technical services, research and development, and utility companies.

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