Program Management Career

A program is different from a project.  A project has a specific starting and ending date while a program is on going.  The next step from project management is program management.  Program management deals with the management and coordination of various projects within a company or organization.  The experience of a program manager allows him to effectively monitor all projects.  It is his responsibility that theses projects run according to the organization’s goals.  He makes sure that the projects will yield maximum benefits and put risks at a minimum.  One has to have strong organizational and communication skills.

How to become a Program Manager

A program manager is placed in such position through an exemplary performance as a project manager.  It is a must that a program manager has enough training and experience in managing projects.  This includes skills in planning, organizing, evaluating, budgeting, and controlling projects.  One can prepare for program management through mentorship, formal education or online education.  He can earn a degree in program management. An individual has to have skills in delegating and coaching.  He must have acquired skills in risk management too.  An aspiring program manager must a certification exam to gain a certification from Project Management Institute.  This certification allows one to advance and increase earning potential.

Program Management Courses, training, programs

The advanced training programs focus on management and business administration.  One is further trained in the area of communication and people management.  Higher studies will prepare one with leadership tactics and strategies, program and project management, risk management, business ethics and conflict resolution.  Formal education coupled with years of management experience will make one a credible program manager.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Chicago, Illinois

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Northwestern University, Illinois

Stanford University, California

Program Management Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A program manager can find himself working in the upper-level management team of various corporations or industries. The average annual salary of a program manager can range from $85,000 to $130,000. To be considered as a program manager, one must continue to learn and gain valuable experience in project management.

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