Programmer Careers

Programmers use their skills to help create a software or an application that can ease the use or a function of a computer or for the enjoyment of the user. This will usually employ the knowledge and use of different programming languages. However, a programmer will only use one programming language for each application or software.

How to Become A Programmer

Programming careers are excellent choices for people who get a two-year or four-year degree on computer tools and programming. A person with a degree on mathematics and other computer development systems may also find a good career using programming.

Types, Description, Information

There are essentially two kinds of computer programmers. One group is called the applications program and the other is known as the system programmer. The applications programmer deals with smaller tasks and functions of a computer software. It may be involved with making computer software that produces instant results from specific functions. For example, an applications programmer may only deal with creating programs for encoding the medical records of a hospital unit.

On the other hand, the systems programmer is concerned with bigger and broader computer systems. It may deal with the system monitoring of big computer records and other bulk of electronic data. For example, the systems programmer may deal with the entire medical record monitoring of the big hospital, and not just one unit.

Tasks of a Computer Programmer

1.Encoding – A computer programmer is primarily tasked with encoding computer codes and instructions to form a program or software. The computer programmer must be an expert in this task because a large bulk of his job will revolve on this task.

2.Updating and repair – It is never enough to come up with functioning software only. It will need constant monitoring, update and repair. A good computer programmer must also have the patience and perseverance to monitor and update the computer program and make necessary changes to continue its development.

3.Pilot testing a program – Pilot testing is the initial test drive for computer software. The computer programmer is expected to be in this very important stage of software development to be able to know the needed changes that he has to make in the program.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

Training for programming is available from certificates to doctoral degrees. Coursework will usually include computer network basics, compiler construction, programming, and software technologies.

For degree programs, students can enroll to information system and computer science.

School, College, University

Programming is offered in many of the schools and universities as of today. From these institutions, you will learn all the needed skills in programming. The following are a few of the schools that you can enroll to.

DeVry University

University of Phoenix

Kaplan University

AIU Online

Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

With the boom of computers, the internet and other software, computer professionals are sure to have a job. Indeed a bright financial future awaiting people will join this software development industry.

An average salary of a programmer is about 60,000 dollars.

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