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Career Description:

The prosecutor represents the people, cities, states, or countries and prosecutes criminal cases.  It is the duty of the prosecutor to impartially investigate the crimes of the defendant, making sure that justice is prevails.  As charges are filed against an accused criminal, the prosecutor then decides whether these charges are enough to bring the case to court.  Crime evidences may be collected by the prosecutor or he may depend on law enforcement or agencies to come up with the evidences.  Rules of evidence apply to evidence collection, examination and presentation. The prosecutor is responsible for making sure that witnesses are able to give out testimonies in court.  Recommendations regarding sentencing of the accused can be made by the prosecutor based on several factors.  The challenges faced by a prosecutor are backed-up by a degree in law and an experience in criminal justice.

How to become a Prosecutor

To start off one’s career as a prosecutor one must earn a 4-year degree in a field where one gains a background in political science, history or other pre-law courses.  Upon completion of a degree one can take and pass the LSAT or Law School Admission Test.  As one attends law school, one is given a theoretical background of the law and a chance to gain practical experience.  Internships are available for students to have a hands-on experience of trial procedures, legal research and legal writing.  A graduate of law becomes a Juris Doctor.  After graduation, make the necessary preparations for the state bar exam.  In order for one to have a license to practice law, one should pass the state bar exam.

Prosecutor Courses, training, programs

A degree in law allows one to gain the necessary background in the practice of law. Specializations are available for aspiring lawyers who wants to practice a specific area law.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Yale University, Connecticut

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

Columbia University, New York

University of Chicago, Chicago

Prosecutor Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A prosecutor works in the office of the district attorney or Attorney General.  The annual average salary of a prosecutor is $62,000.

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