Pub Manager Career

The pub manager takes on many responsibilities and requires one to be very familiar with the day-to-day pub operations.  He is the person to recruit, hire and train staff that will be able to provide excellent customer service.  He takes care of the inventory, purchase and delivery of pub items and goods.  The pub manager is also responsible for setting up policies and guidelines making sure that it keeps up with legal standards.  One is also assigned to make decisions and handle problems within the pub.  He is the one who handles situations beyond the capability of his staff.  The pub manager makes sure that business runs smoothly and gains profit.  An excellent management and communication skill is a must to be successful in this career.

How to become a Pub Manager

An aspiring pub manager needs to be equipped with years of experience in the industry.  One must have gained familiarity with running a pub or bar. Aside from that, to become a pub manager, one must obtain training programs that will help one gain certification.  Pub or bar management training programs allow one to gain knowledge and skills required of a pub manager.  A degree in restaurant and hotel management or hospitality management is desirable too, either way; one can land a job in pub management.

Pub Manager Courses, training, programs

Specific programs or courses under pub, bar, restaurant or hospitality management give one an understanding of how to run the business.  It gives one a background in finance, accounting, inventory, administration, and management.  There are also courses that take up bartending, sanitation law, and purchasing of beverages.  One is given training in using business computer applications, handling customers and managing a team.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Nevada

University of Central Florida, Florida

University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Massachusetts

Florida International University, Florida

Michigan State University, Michigan

Pub Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The pub manager can find work in various pubs/bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs or casinos. One has the chance to earn from $24,148 to $40,133 per year.  Advancement depends on one’s experience and skills.

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