Public Defender Investigator Career

Career Description:

The public defender investigator career works in a public defender’s office to gather evidences and information relevant for a criminal law case.  The responsibilities of a public defender investigator includes interviewing and seeking witnesses, gather evidences and inspect the scene of the crime.  After identifying, collecting and investigating, he is tasked to accomplish the necessary reports.  These reports are then forwarded to the public defender and are used for the preparation of a case.  Serving as a public defender investigator requires one to undergo formal education, training and must have a relevant experience in law enforcement.  One needs to have an eye for detail and an ability to think critically and analytically.  It is a must that a public defender investigator be skilled in communication, research and handling different types of people.

How to become a Public Defender Investigator

The aspiring public defender investigator must earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology or sociology.  Be sure to have courses in communication and computer applications.  Inquire for trainings or internships available at a public defenders office.  One can also get into trainings, seminars and conferences through various associations or groups such as The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council, Criminal Defense Investigators Alliance and other national associations.  Get mentorship through experienced public defender investigators.

Public Defender Investigator Courses, training, programs

Criminal justice degree programs include various courses such as an introduction to criminal justice, punishment and corrections theories of crime, courts, crime analysis, crime control strategies, research, criminology, policing, rehabilitation, offenders and criminal behavior.  The program not only focuses on theories but provide an avenue for the student to apply what he had learned in practical situations.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Maryland, Maryland

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

University of Albany-SUNY, New York

Rutgers State University, New Jersey

University of Missouri-St. Louis

Public Defender Investigator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The public defender investigator can secure a job in any government agency or public defender’s office.  One has the opportunity to earn from $43,960 to $66,073 per year.  The salary depends on the employer, location, industry, experience and benefits.

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