Public Relations Consultant Career

Career description

Public Relations Consultant Career is that career which involves people who act as the faces of organisations and companies. Such employees are needed in fields such as finance, entertainment, health care and fashion. These people deal with clients as they are generally equipped with great communication skills and a strong personality. This field of work is quite in demand these days and is an interesting option for people with charming personalities. The career of a public relations consultant can be really exciting and even high paying.

How to become a Public Relations consultant

This is a field of work which deals with handling clients. This work may not require any specific education qualifications. A person with just a high school passing certificate may also make a great public relations consultant. But the knowledge of the kind of field the person is working in is quite important to have. It is always more preferable for applicants to be graduates in any field. For a better paying job, one may be required to have ample experience.

Public Relations Consultant courses, training, programs

To do a better job, one needs to pursue a few courses in personality development or shaping of language skills. The on the job training period lasts for around 6 months and can be fun and full of learning. There are certain programs which a person can undertake so as to be a public relations consultant too.

Public Relations Consultant schools/colleges, education

There may not be specific PR courses available in many universities but there are related courses and programs available in a few. The following is a list:

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • University of North Florida
  • Canadian Police College
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Kent State university
  • University of Michigan

Public Relations Consultant job opportunities, pay/salaries

Public Relations Consultants are now one of the most sought after job employees in most fields. The salary which one can earn in this job may be anything around $40000-$60000.

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