Publicity Consultant Career

Career Description:

Candidates who want to become publicity consultants help the clients to develop their marketing activities that are directed at televisions, radios, internet, etc and where publicity campaigns of the firm are conducted. The ultimate objective of a publicity consultant is to develop the brand image of the firm through its various publicity activities. Candidates should have very good marketing skills, communication skills, and a very pleasing personality.

How to become a Publicity Consultant:

To become a publicity consultant, candidates should take up courses in marketing. They could choose to do Bachelor’s degree in any field but should pursue masters of business administration with specialization in marketing. Candidates should develop their candidature by taking up full time or part time work experience in any marketing related firm.

Publicity Consultant Career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs given by the training institutes that candidates can take advantage of. These course focuses on various marketing related courses like advertising, promotion, communication, etc that can help students become effective publicity consultants.

Publicity Consultant Career schools/colleges, education:

Various schools and colleges as listed below are present all over the United States that teach courses in marketing to produce effective publicity consultants. Some of the top colleges and universities are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Westwood College

ITT Technical Institute

Capella University

North central University

South University Online

Publicity Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Aspiring candidates who would like to become publicity consultants can find tremendous number of opportunities in sectors such as business consulting, marketing, advertisement, media, advertising agency, consultancy, insurance and financial services, etc. Employers prefer candidates who possess a minimum work experience of a couple of years. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale and released through the National Salary data, the annual compensation of a publicity consultant ranges from $30,000 to $154,000 per year with the median salary being $92,000 per year approximately.

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