Quantity Surveyor Career

Managing money, lots and lots of money; this is what the quantity surveyor does. Quantity surveyors are the people whose job it is to ensure that there are enough finances for construction. They are involved not only in the initial bidding but throughout the construction and up to the final accounts stage.

How to Become a Quantity Surveyor

If you are aspiring to a quantity surveyor career you must obtain the right type of academic qualifications. A degree in building surveying, quantity surveying and any other degree with a concentration in building and construction is acceptable. If you intend to work with the top employers in the country ensure that your degree is accredited.

As you study, be on the lookout for employers who offer fresh graduates the opportunity to join their companies as a chance to get their careers started.

Types, Description, Information

You will be allowed as a quantity surveyor to specialize in various areas. The areas of specialization include: capital allowance tax, value management, risk management, legal services, facilities management, supply chain management and legal services.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

Employers of quantity surveyors look for graduates in the field. You can kick start your quantity survey career with a degree in quantity survey, building survey or any other construction related field. If you already have a degree in a different field and would like to become a quantity surveyor, don’t lose hope. You can still get that quantity surveyor dream career. There are universities that offer conversion courses so as to assist those with degrees in different courses become quantity surveyors. There are even some employers who will offer to sponsor you to work and study towards your new career. All this is possible even for those with careers that are unrelated to construction.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

If you are planning to apply to a university or college for a degree that will eventually lead you to a quantity survey career you must have good SAT scores.

Some of the best schools include;

The Art Institutes –Oregon

Lincoln Tech — New Jersey

Pennsylvania Institute of Technology — Pennsylvania

TESST College of Technology — Baltimore

Westwood College –Colorado

Job opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The quantity surveyor career is a well paying career. You can earn anything between $ 35 000 and $60 000 per year. The average is $48,000 annually. As you grow in your career you may decide to specialize in one of the many areas available which include: capital allowance tax, value management, risk management, legal services, facilities management, supply chain management and legal services. Decide on the area that most interests you or the company that you intend to work for. Different employers require different skills in their quantity surveyors.

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