Radio Jockey Career

Radio jockey or RJ is a person who is employed at a radio station and hosts radio talk shows. Such talk shows consist of music too which is pre recorded and played in between the script of the radio jockey. A radio jockey must also interact with audiences either through the telephone or the internet. Radio jockeys usually host shows only for a few hours in a day and get paid accordingly.

How to become a Radio Jockey

To become a radio jockey, one needs to have a good and appealing voice. The second requirement and an important one is that a radio jockey should be able to talk one sided for a long duration of time. He must have really good communication skills as well as presence of mind. A person from a mass communications background can prove to be a suitable candidate for the job of a radio jockey.

Radio Jockey Courses, training, programs

There are several diploma courses which can be pursued in order to become a radio jockey. Since this is a hot new field, therefore many institutes focus on providing the required knowledge and skills to budding RJs. A person from any educational background is eligible to become a Radio jockey provided he has some necessary minimum qualifications like command over the language or a high school certificate.

TOP 5 colleges /Universities

Adams State College

Andrews University

Butler University

Columbia University

Boston University

Radio Jockey Jobs opportunities, salaries/pay

Since this is an upcoming field due to introduction of new radio channels on regular basis. Therefore scope for recruitment is pretty bright. Radio jockeys become household names very quickly and get a lot of fame and popularity. A person can host more than 1 show at a time too if the radio station allows it. The earning of a radio jockey can be around $500 in a good radio station.

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