Real Estate Analyst Career

Career Description:

A real estate analyst can get both entry level jobs and highly research oriented jobs in the real estate sector. Real estate has been a booming sector for many years but it is vulnerable to booms and busts that happen due to business ups and downs. Candidates who want to pursue their career as a real estate analyst should have knowledge in accounting, mathematics, statistics, economics, etc. Candidates with a few years of hands on experience are generally preferred.

How to become a Real Estate Analyst:

Employers prefer to choose candidates who have some background knowledge at least in accounting and mathematics and work experience of a minimum of two years. Candidates can improve them employability by taking up live projects or doing internships under real estate brokers.

Real Estate Analyst Career courses, training, programs:

Many training institutes offer programs in finance that can help candidates become an effective and successful real estate analyst. Relevant educational background can help secure at least the entry level positions in real estate sector. After a few years of work exposure, candidates can then take up analyst or research positions.

Real Estate Analyst Career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates can get enrolled into any of the below given top schools and universities that offer the best education in Finance. Candidates should also obtain certification to operate as a real estate analyst.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Bryant & Stratton College

Kaplan University

South University Online

Ashford University

DeVry University

Real Estate Analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Candidates can get on the job training as a real estate analyst to develop skills to understand the real estate related legal documentations, procedures, and tools for valuation. By improving the skills, the candidate can increase their earning capability. PayScale data reports the annual compensation of a real estate analyst is between $37,000 and $84,000. Recruitment is conducted in various government, private, and independent organizations.

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