Real Estate Attorney Career

Career description

A real estate attorney is a person responsible for handling issues such as transferring of titles and deeds, mortgage related legal issues and other real estate matters. These employees are hired by organisation to give them legal advice and prepare agendas and resolution forms for them. This career can be exciting and high paying for those who have pursued degree in law and are interested in real estate matters.

How to become a real estate attorney

To become a real estate attorney, one must have pursued law from a recognised law school and must also have a2-5 years of experience in law and preferable real estate as well. He must be aware of the different practices and procedures related with real estate legal matters too. One with a good personality and polished interpersonal skills can definitely do a good job as an attorney.

Real Estate Attorney career courses, training and programs:

Apart from being a graduate in this field, one can also taking up short term courses to familiarise himself with the various laws and procedure related to real estate. Some law graduates can also be asked to take up internship or training under renowned law experts or real estate attorneys before entering into this field.

There are certain programs available which teach candidates the connection between real estate and the legalities associated with it.

Real Estate Attorney career school/colleges, education

Law can be pursued at various universities where sometimes the course can be merged with real estate related subjects too for those interested in being real estate attorneys.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Arizona state university

University of Florida

New York University

University of Houston

Florida state university

Real Estate Attorney career job opportunities, pay/salary

This field of work is never short of opportunities and scope. The growth prospects are huge and the salary that a person can earn is around $30000-$90000

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