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The attitude towards real estate careers has undergone a change in the past few years.  This has mainly been because of the “bubble burst” of the real estate industry.  However, now that the worst is over, things in Real estate can only get better.

Real estate primarily deals with the buying, selling, leasing and managing of residential, commercial or other types of property.  A career in real estate would involve knowing about all aspects of the property transactions, including tax regulations, appraisals, financial clauses etc.

Real estate careers can be broadly divided into four typesAcquisition and AnalysisSales and LeasingManagement and fourthlyDevelopment.  These divisions are not exclusive, and many people in real estate industry dabble in more than one type at a time.

If you want to become a Real estate agent or broker, a license is mandatory in all the States as well District of Columbia.  You can also become a part of the real estate industry by doing a bachelor’s degree course in Real Estate or Real Estate Finance.  Most employers now prefer to take graduates even for entry-level positions.  However, the rule of the thumb in the Real estate industry is that you start at the bottom and work your way up the career path.

If you are looking for a career in real estate, then you must have a pleasing personality and be good at interpersonal communication skills.  You must be highly motivated and enthusiastic.  You are also expected to have a thorough knowledge of the property you would be dealing in.

With a career in real estate, you must be willing to put in flexible working hours as most people like to meet up with real estate people either on weekends or evenings.  You may be expected to work more than the general 40 hour week.  However, one of the advantages is that you can schedule your work to suit your convenience.

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