Real Estate Developer Career

Career Description

Real estate developers work in one of the most challenging department of the real estate spectrum – land Development. They buy large pieces of land and turn them into residential properties, commercial buildings, and housing societies and so on. At times they even buy neglected piece of land and convert them into modern buildings.

After choosing a particular site they must collect sufficient amount of money to construct the property. They need the help of an architect for designing. A contractor is also hired for building purpose.

How to become a Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers need to have a graduation degree to pursue further education in the specific field.

They also must have a broader perspective towards the society at large. They must have a good sense on subjects of construction and economics. An individual should also have a basic knowledge in the department of sales and purchase of properties.

Real Estate Developer Career Courses, Training Programs

Real estate developers require a basic knowledge of different areas and phases of real estate as well as sound skills in financial management. For the purpose prospective developers need to undertake post graduation.

They should also acquire experience in the field of salesperson, brokers and leasing agents.

Real Estate Developer Career Schools/colleges, education

There are extensive but various courses designed for the career of real estate developers.

An aspiring candidate can choose from the field of marketing, business administration, urban planning and other related fields.

Top 5 colleges/ Universities

  • University of Georgia
  • University of Berkeley
  • New York University
  • Haas School of Business
  • Wharton School of Business

Real Estate Developer Career Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

Earnings depend upon the factors such as the location of the site, area of the property and so on. However, experienced people can earn up to 1 million dollar or above annually.

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