Real Estate Executive Career

Career description

The career of a real estate executive deals with the various tasks which need to be done at any real estate office. These people are responsible for analysing the market trends and keeping into account the various potential buyers and sellers. Thus job requires great analytical skills along with an aware and updated mind. This job may require the candidate to work for long hours at a stretch sometimes but at the end of the day, the product is pretty rewarding.

How to become a real estate executive

To become a real estate executive, all one needs is a graduation degree along with experience in the real estate field so as to understand the minute details of the various tasks. A person needs to have proficiency in Maths and must have exceptional communication skills in order to deal with clients. Sometimes, an MBA in finance or marketing may also be of help and an added advantage for those interested in this job profile.

Real Estate Executive career courses, training, programs

To acquire enough knowledge about real estate and its legalities, one must be required to pursue a short term courses in an institute. During the initial stages of job, most real estate companies provide on the job training so as to teach the method of working to candidates. There are certain crash programs which can also be taken.

Real Estate Executive career schools/colleges, education

There are many colleges offering this profile as a course or related courses. The following is a list of a few such colleges and universities.

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Columbia University
  • Auburn University
  • TheĀ University of Pennsylvania
  • Harvard university
  • University of California

Real estate executive career job opportunities, pay/salaries

The job of a real estate executive may be one with various duties but is fruitful at the same time. A person at this post can earn an amount of $40000 per year and even the growth prospect is decent.

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