Real Estate Legal Assistant Career

Career description

A real estate legal assistant is a person who is also known as paralegal. This job profile requires the candidates to have the knowledge of the legalities involved in real estate matters. A real estate legal assistant does not represent people in courts but signs legal documents, that too in the capacity of a notary if he has the needed certification. This job might not fetch a high amount but still manages an acceptable and respectable amount.

How to become a real estate legal assistant

To become a real estate legal assistant, a person must have a four year graduation certificate and training at the college level or similar two year training from a recognised institute. The person must be fluent with real estate terms and methods and should be comfortable with secretarial work. This job might also require him to do legal research and writing in a few cases.

Real Estate Legal Assistant career courses, training, program

There are many colleges offering law as a subject at graduation level. People can also take up short term courses in law or PG degree in the same field so as to stand a chance to get this job. But apart from law, real estate is another issue which can be handled by training under real estate legal experts.

Real Estate Legal Assistant career school/colleges, education

Many schools and colleges provide an education which might directly lead an interested candidate to get the job. The following are names of a few:

Top 5 colleges/universities

  • Blackstone paralegal school
  • Kaplan University
  • Emory Law school
  • Fresno city college
  • Chippewa valley technical college

Real estate legal assistant Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

This field of work might provide many opportunities but the competition is usually high to get a post which pays handsomely. The average salary is somewhere around $30000 annually.

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