Real Estate Manager Career

Career description

A real estate manager career belongs to those people whose task is to handle the operation of the property or apartment belonging to an owner of that piece of real estate. These people mainly deal with commercial property and oversee the working of various task of the site. The main work is to handle the financial aspect and the supervision of a property. This career can be quite fruitful is the property belongs to an affluent owner; otherwise this job has acceptable earnings.

How to become a real estate manager

The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in real estate, business administration or subjects related with finance and management. Apart from this, a PG degree can also prove to be useful in some cases.

A person must have good leadership quality along with exceptional interpersonal skills. Not only this, real estate managers must be good at using different equipments so as to guide the co-workers correctly on site.

Real Estate manager career courses, training, programs

The actual training of a real estate manager happens on the job and this training can be quite rigorous. There are personality development or leadership skill courses which can be taken up by interested candidates. Infact a few training programs give training and knowledge related with real estate which can prove to be quite useful

Real Estate manager career school/colleges, education

To become a real estate manager, a person can pursue graduation from any administrative college or business school. Infact a person can also pursue real estate related courses from a number of places.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Bryant and Stratton College

Walden University

New York University

Florida State University

Strayer University

Real Estate manager career job opportunities, pay/salary

A real estate manager is one employee needed by many commercial property owners. Hence this field is always in need of suitable employees. The salary can be anywhere near $40000-$80000.

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