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Job opportunities:

The general outlook in the present times, is that the job openings in real estate have reduced, however, this is not so for all types of real estate jobs.  Statistical studies have estimated that job opportunities in this sector would increase between 9 and 17 per cent in the next few years.

However, real estate industry is affected greatly by the swings in the economy.  This makes it very susceptible to the financial markets’ ups and downs.  Like any other industry, the number of opportunities may be affected because of this factor.

This has also led to a highly competitive job market in the real estate industry.  The number of openings is concentrated more in the urban areas than the rural areas.  However, many opportunities are coming up in some developing communities as well.

Many real estate professionals are self-employed.  On the other hand, many serve under more experienced professionals and gain the required know-how of the job, before starting off on their own.  This hands-on training helps the candidates to know the practicalities and the technicalities of the industry.

Real estate agents and brokers working in firms or companies generally, earn on a commission basis.  So, if you are able to close a deal which has a greater value, then your commission would be correspondingly high.  The rate of commission also depends on experience.  The more experienced real estate agent or broker earns better.

Some real estate brokers and agents also take up franchisees of big real estate firms. This gives them the advantage of an established name and also a share in the business.

Salaries in real estate industry vary greatly depending on the type of position and experience.

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