Real Estate Researcher Career

Career Description:

A real estate researcher is one who researchers for local property prices, detects the increase and decrease in prices, and makes prediction on the likely future price path of properties. They segment properties depending on the location and price and then forecast the expectations from the viewpoint of their research data. They work closely with real estate agents and real estate brokers and provide them with background analysis so that their can decide their likely course of action and improve decision making abilities.

How to become a Real Estate Researcher:

Candidates who are aspiring to become a real estate researcher should take up accounting in Bachelors degree and master of business administration (MBA) with specialization in Finance. Candidates should have strong mathematical, economics and finance skills like valuation, asset price fluctuation, demand supply analysis, etc.

Real Estate Researcher Career courses, training, programs:

To become a real estate researcher, students can opt for full time or part time courses in finance with subjects like loans, mortgage asset valuation, real estate and property valuation, etc. Candidates should be proactive and sharp in utilizing the advantage of the knowledge of real estate and increase the clientele.

Real Estate Researcher Career schools/colleges, education:

Various colleges and universities offer courses in finance that can make candidates well versed with the concepts related to real estate pricing and opportunities and let him or her take commercial benefit out of the information.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

South University Online

Ashford University

DeVry University

Strayer University

Kaplan University

Real Estate Researcher job opportunities, salaries/pay, and recruitment:

Real estate researchers are in popular demand everywhere as real estate brokers and agents cannot always perform the background research and continuously update their database. National Salary data estimates that the annual compensation package of a real estate researcher varies from $32,000 to $90,000 per year with the median salary being in the range $58,000.

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