Real Estate Sales Agent Career

A real estate sales agent is a person who works for a real estate company or a property dealer as a sales executive and tries to sell as many properties as possible. One has to fulfil a lot of duties and responsibilities as a sales agent for real estate and some of them include to take clients to visit properties, make deals, work out sales papers etc. The following is a detailed account of the career of a real estate sales agent career.

How to become a real estate sales agent:

All those who are interested in becoming real estate sales agents must have a general interest in real estate and sales. One may need to first pass high school with decent grades and then pursue atleast a diploma course in some subject of their choice.

Real estate sales agent career courses, training, programs:

There are no strict educational requirements for becoming a real estate sales agent but one with a bachelor’s degree or a diploma course in any field or subject may be preferred as they will have more basic education than the others.

One can take up a course in sales to polish sales skills and learn more about effective communication.

Real estate sales agent career schools/colleges, education:

There are many institutes and colleges which offer courses in sales or real estate sales. These courses and colleges can help one learn about the field of real estate and that of sales.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

New York University

Ohio State University

Boston University

University of Massachusetts

Real estate sales agent job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A real estate sales agent can choose from many job opportunities and chances as the real estate scene in US is always brimming with possibilities. One can expect to earn an annual median salary of $420000 at this position.

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