Real Estate Sales Representative Career

Career description

Real estate sales representatives are the employees who are responsible for the sales and marketing operations of a real estate property. They are the people who have thorough knowledge of the potential clients and prices of other properties. These employees must be equipped with superb convincing abilities along with a backing of ample amount of knowledge of the buying and selling trends in the market.

How to become a Real Estate Sales Representative

To become a real estate sales representative, the first and foremost part is to have great selling techniques and methods up the sleeve on all times. The next major thing required is a graduation degree in any subject. People with PG degree can also prove to be good sales representatives if they have done their Post graduation in business administration or marketing. But the main personality attribute needed is good interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

Real Estate Sales Representative career courses, training, programs:

There are a few courses available at some institutes which provide knowledge of real estate. Infact a person can also take up a course in marketing and sales so as to do justice to this job profile. The actually training period begins in the initial stages of recruitment where seniors can assist on real estate details and sales techniques.

Real Estate Sales Representative career schools/colleges, education

There is a huge list of colleges which provide courses related to sales and marketing in real estate field. Infact separate courses for real estate as well as marketing are also available.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Michigan State University

University of North Dakota

Florida State University

University of North California

New York University

Real Estate Sales Representative career job opportunities, pay/salary

There are many sales people required in the field of real estate, thus there are many job opportunities for interested candidates. The earning at this job profile can be around $30000.

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