Real Estate Salesperson Career

Career Description

A real estate salesperson is one who is in charge of the sales activities in a real estate company. The candidate has many duties to fulfill such as meet clients to discuss the possibilities of sale or purchase of property, provide costs and inspection of property, provide market estimates and prices to clients, arrange advertising for property of clients, locate properties according to client specifications, make arrangements for legal agreements on closing deals, make arrangements for finance and insurance on behalf of clients etc.

The candidate handling a real estate salesperson profile should possess a pleasing personality apart from having good communication and negotiation skills.

How to Become a Real Estate Salesperson

A person interested in becoming a real estate salesperson should have good mathematical and English skills from high school level. The candidate should have a good score in GED (General Education Development) apart from obtaining real estate license from the respective state to enhance the chances of becoming a real estate salesperson.

Real Estate Salesperson Career Courses, Training, Programs

The training for a real estate salesperson is for a maximum period of three years in US which deals with all aspects of real estate agency. The courses are comprehensive and provider various levels of learning which includes certificate level, diploma level and lastly the advanced level.

Real Estate Salesperson Career Schools/Colleges, Education

All the schools and colleges that provide real estate training courses provide advanced training techniques that help the candidates with all necessary course material, practical assignments and industry based practical tutoring as part of the curriculum.

Top 5 Colleges/Universities

Hondros College of Business

Real Estate School of Nevada

James H Faulkner State Community College

Arizona State University

Glendale Community College

Real Estate Salesperson Career Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The median salary of real estate salesperson is around $39,000 per annum and can be higher with better education and experience acquired by the candidate.

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