Real Estate Secretary Career

Career Description

A real estate secretary is like a legal secretary who works backstage and makes the event of company successful.

A secretary has the paperwork, necessary communication and compiling of documents to be all carried out in the construction companies

How to become a Real Estate Secretary

A real Estate secretary should have the knowledge of laws and transactions of real estate firms, excluding execution of real estate closings and execution of wills and conduction required researches related to any specific case.

To become a real estate secretary a high school diploma is a must along with the professional education in the particular field. To be a successful real estate secretary an individual should have the necessary skills and knowledge and the confidence to communicate with clients with a command over language.

Real Estate Secretary Career Courses, Training, Programs

There are long term and short term courses for pursuing career in real estate secretary field. Long term courses are aimed for individuals without any experience in the field. Short term courses are meant for candidates with a relevant experience.

However, a formal training is must to be a suitable secretary for large construction companies.

Real Estate Associate Career Schools/colleges, education

The colleges and universities in the United States of America are among the top universities in the world. The education imparted by them is equipped to enhance the capabilities and skill of an individual and make them a master of their field.

Top 5 colleges/ Universities

  • University of Madison
  • New York University
  • Haas School of Business
  • Warrington College of business administration
  • University of Illinois

Real Estate Associate Career Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

An inexperienced secretary can begin a career with a salary of USD 25000 – 28000. After gaining experience of 3-4 years it can be hiked up to USD 65,000 – 75,000. The job opportunities as well as growth prospects are there.

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