Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Career

Career description

A real estate transaction coordinator is a person who works as a link between real estate brokers and agents or clients. The work of a real estate transaction coordinator revolves around handling administrative tasks which are involved in the sales closures or pickups of the initial deposit amount. His work may require him to prepare deadlines for agents to follow. This job may involve a lot of other activities for the coordinator to follow too.

How to become a real estate transaction coordinator

Any person with a graduation degree in any subject can apply for this post. But it is always better and preferred if the person has pursued an administrative PG degree so as to be more comfortable with the administrative works related with this role.

Apart from this, the candidate must have strong analytical skills along with exceptional leadership skills. His problem making abilities can also prove to be really helpful in this kind of a work set up.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Career courses, training and program

There are ample number of courses which can help interested applicants to go for this job. There is short term personality development as well as real estate related courses available at a number of institutes. The training period begins after joining the job and lasts for a few months.

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Career schools/colleges, education

The colleges and school offering subjects which can help a person to attain this job keep in mind the current scenario and accordingly formulate their curriculum.

Top 5 colleges/universities

Florida State University

University of North California

New York University

Illinois State University

Boston University

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Career job opportunities, pay/salary

This job has seen many openings and thus proves to be of great scope. The promotion and growth prospects too are pretty good. The salary earned by an individual is somewhere close to $50000 annually.

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