Real Estate Underwriter Career

Career Description

While evaluation of the loan to be given for Real Estate purpose, the borrower is also assessed in addition to scrutinizing the value of the property. Now, Real estate underwriter’s main job is to find out whether the property itself is capable of redeeming its value in the market by using the debt service coverage ratio. Underwriters also have another huge responsibility on their shoulders i.e. they write their names under the risk factor conditions and are liable for any risk to be borne by the company.

How to become a Real Estate Underwriter

An individual needs to have completed at least graduation in any stream. After that to become a qualified real estate underwriter, an individual need to enroll in the courses provided by the universities. They will need to complete all the semesters and qualify all the subjects in the due course of time.

Real Estate Underwriter Courses, training programs

Many universities provide courses and training for real estate underwriter. The training program is very extensive and properly knitted in nature.

Individuals need to complete the courses offered giving specialization in the field to be a professional.

Real Estate Underwriting Career College/Universities

Real Estate Underwriter career is fast growing in today’s day and age. Many business groups want to benefit from them. Hence, many top institutes of the world are providing under graduate and post graduate courses. Individuals will have to complete a major degree in the area of underwriting for seeking a suitable job.

Top 5 Institutes/universities providing courses for real estate underwriting

  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Berkeley
  • New York University

Real Estate Underwriter Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment.

Real estate underwriters are required both by private and government companies. They fetch up round about an amount up to $60,000 annually.

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