Recording Engineer Career

Career Description:

Recording engineers are required to operate; besides choosing and setting up recording equipment. He can work both in a recording studio and at different places. A recording engineer may work with Surround sound or stereophonic remixes, multitrack recordings, or both. While some engineers are self taught, a college degree not only enhances one’s knowledge of the subject but also provides ground for better preparation towards pursuing a career in this field.

How to become a Recording Engineer:

Though some recording engineers (mostly amateur) learn mostly through trial and error, or by referring to a manual or a how-to book, many opt for a college course too, that covers the history and uses of recording besides providing technical knowledge of the same. Many engineers start off by doing other studio jobs such as ‘gofers’ or ‘messengers’, and learn about recording while they get familiar with the studio they are working in.

Recording Engineer career courses, training, programs:

For being a recording engineer, one must know how to place and use microphones, how to maintain and operating a recording desk, mixing board, effects and other related items/machines and also should have the skill to manipulate live and pre-recorded sounds in order to create the best and the most detailed recording possible.

Since recording is just a small part of a larger whole i.e. the commercial production of sound, which also includes mixing, editing and mastering, anyone specializing in this department while learning audio engineering in a recording school is fit to be a recording engineer.

Recording Engineer career schools/colleges, education:

Many top colleges and universities in the US that provide courses in audio engineering include opportunities for specializing in recording. However some school offers separate diploma programs or degrees in recording too.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

Berklee College of Music

The Los Angeles Recording School

Full Sail University

Recording Engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Starting wages can be small in studios, and many novices can even go unpaid. Experienced engineers, especially with a hit record in their kitty can command a large sum of money. Some are paid monthly salary, while some are paid hourly or per session. Range of salary varies on basis of job experience, hit records and familiarity with a studio. However according to industry analysis, the yearly salary for recording engineers is generally around $35,000, though they can earn up to $63,000 annually. 

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