Recruitment Consultant Career

A Recruitment Consultant advises an organization on recruiting and selecting the right people that would prove useful for their operations and achieving their objectives. Recruitment Consultants are actually HR experts who are familiar with how organizations can make the most of their human resources by choosing the right people for right jobs.

Pursuing a Career as a Recruitment Consultant

If you are already an HR professional or are planning a career in Human Resource Management as a student, then you could purse a career as a Recruitment Consultant. However, in order to expect organizations to avail your services as a Recruitment Consultant, you need to have a successful career yourself, or be experienced enough. This is precisely why it is always a good idea to join an HR Consultancy firm on the onset of your career as an HR professional.

Recruitment Consultant Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

In order to become a Recruitment Consultant, you must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Psychology or a related discipline with majors covering recruitment and selection. The advice of experienced professionals will be considered more than novices, so you should concentrate on on-the-job training for the position after joining an HR Consultancy. Holding an Human Resource Management certification could prove useful while looking to build your career as a Recruitment Consultant.

Recruitment Consultant Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

Recruitment Consultants could find the following Management Schools as some of the best in the United States.

  • MIT, Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA
  • Pennsylvania State University, Smeal College of Business, University Park, PA
  • Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
  • Loyola University, School of Business Administration, Chicago, IL

Recruitment Consultant Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Recruitment Consultants enjoy bright employment outlook as suggest by the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The projections indicate a growth of 46.9% in the positions of Recruitment Consultants from the year 2008 to 2018. Recruitment Consultants are paid in a salary range of $51,176 to $87,91 per year.

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