Refrigeration Mechanic Career

Refrigeration Mechanic Career

The refrigeration mechanic’s career revolves around the installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems as well as heating and air conditioning units.  The refrigeration mechanic is tasked to review blueprints, drawings and diagrams, test and control systems, recycle and preserve refrigerants, maintain tools and equipment, replace defective or damaged parts, check and inspect gauges, and does general maintenance work. With this type if career, one must be physically fit and has an eye for detail.  Involvement in sales is a possibility for a refrigeration mechanic.  A skill in communication and customer service is a must. Doing this type of career requires one to have formal training in refrigeration as well as certification.

How to become a Refrigeration Mechanic

To become a refrigeration mechanic, one must at least have a high school diploma or GED.  Through high school one may gain a background in electronics, plumbing, computer, blue print reading, math, chemistry, physics and mechanical drawing.  One may earn refrigeration training in various technical or vocational schools.  One may also gain relevant experience and practical skills through apprenticeships.  Obtain a certification to become eligible in handling refrigerants.  One may gain membership various refrigeration mechanic professional associations.

Refrigeration Mechanic Courses, training, programs

A refrigeration and HVAC training program provides an aspiring refrigeration mechanic with the necessary background.  The program covers various areas such as hand tools and fasteners, tubing and pipe, soldering, blazing and flame cutting, math, thermodynamics, temperature and pressure, refrigerant system, refrigerants and their recovery, refrigerant blends, troubleshooting, refrigerant controls, valves, flow controls, compressors and lubrication, water chillers, basic electricity, motors and motor controls, defrost cycles, air conditioning and heat pumps, and customer relations.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Lewis-Clerk State College, Idaho

Northern Michigan University, Michigan

University of Alaska-Anchorage, Alaska

Arkansas Tech University, Arkansas

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Refrigeration Mechanic Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A refrigeration mechanic may earn from $30,447 to $71,514 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience and benefits.  One may become self-employed or be employed in various industries such as domestic or commercial refrigeration, food service, food manufacturing, and cold storage.

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