Regional Sales Manager Career

A regional sales manager has the prime responsibility of supervising the dynamics of sales and marketing of a particular brand of a service and/or good in a specified region. He/she leads a team of junior sales executives and coordinators to achieve the targets as directed by the respective company.

The profession includes responsibilities that include formulating new strategies to boost the sales of the product, applying innovative measures to increase the customer base and coordinating with the sales team in the region on a daily basis. On certain occasions, he/she also needs to document the regular processing of the sales related activities.

How to become a regional sales manager:

One needs to be very competitive and innovative in his/her usual way of approaching a certain problem in order to excel as a regional sales manager. The interested person must have decent score in his/her under-graduate degree preferably in the field of management studies from a reputed college.

Some of the prospective sales managers complete a master’s in business administration after under-graduation or sometimes in middle of their career to broaden their scope of being recruited.

Courses, training, programs:

The courses are, to say the least, very extensive. The course modules teach various sets of skills to the students and sharpen their abilities to perform a streamlined management of the sales related operations in a region.

The programs are extremely rigorous and are packed with many assignments and projects.

Regional sales manager career education, schools/colleges:

The educational institutes in the USA are excellent in imparting management based studies to the studies.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Marshall School of Business

Daniels College of Business

George Washington School of Business

Terry College of Business

University of California, Berkeley

Regional sales manager job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The companies need to exploit various regional pockets to boost their revenues from sales. For this purpose, they recruit regional sales manager on a periodic basis at a starting salary of around $75, 000/annum exclusive of certain benefits and incentives.

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