Research Statistician Career

Career description:

The Research Statistician’s profile is full of variety and challenges. One has to collect the statistical data pertaining to various research projects. These research statisticians work for various industries like Agriculture, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, market research, computer software’s etc. The profile of a research statistician involves working pre and post completion of the project. They will have to collect, store and analyzed the data for the projects. They maintain huge data base and also retrieve relevant data when the need arise. One has to be well versed with the tools and techniques used in statistics.

How to become a research statistician:

The applicant wanting to become a research statistician must get a bachelor degree in statistics, market research or other relevant fields. They must be well versed with the tools and programs used in statistics. Efficiency in computer operations is must for this profile. One can also get a degree in mathematics, economics or statistics. Post graduation in statistics is a value addition to the profile.

Research statistician career courses, training, programs:

The research statisticians are trained in the computer programs used to store, interpret and analyze the statistical data. They must gain good knowledge and experience of evaluating the relevant data to get good information. They must be trained at experimental designing and data analysis.

The programs have good formats, covering both the mathematical and the statistical aspects of the subject. The students have options to specialize.

Research statistician career schools/colleges, education:

The schools and colleges in the US are world famous in teaching the research and statistical courses. At the graduation and post graduation levels students are trained with all the tools and programs used in the statistics. They are also taught the concepts of data collection and its analysis.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Los Angeles Community College

University of Texas, College Station

University of Florida

Stanford University

University of Berkley

Research statistician career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The demand for the position of research statisticians is fairly present in field of research and market research as these research gives the valuable information to the companies and institutes which helps them to grow. These research statisticians are also recruited by many private firms to get the market data. The average starting salary comes up to be around $50,000/annum.

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