Restaurant Manager Career

Having a business that provides service requires a mind-set of placing customer satisfaction first.  This is true when running a restaurant.  Restaurant operations depend on the leadership of a restaurant manager.  A restaurant manager takes care of hiring, training, and supervising the staff.  He is in charge of making staff schedules and shifts. It is also his job to check on the inventory and makes sure that the needed supplies are available.  There is also a possibility that a restaurant manager may to prepare and serve food for the customers.  Being in a business where one provides customer service, the restaurant manager must have excellent interpersonal skills.

How to become a Restaurant Manager

Moving up to a position of management requires one to gain experience through an entry-level position.  One may start as a waiter, hostess, cook or bartender.  One can get into a hospitality and restaurant management degree program.  Gain practical training and experience by getting employed in restaurants, café’s or bars. Make sure that you have ample experience in the area of customer service and supervision. It is a must that one gains excellent communication skills since he will be around people all the time.

Restaurant Manager Courses, training, programs

Hospitality and management programs include courses in restaurant management, lodging operations, tourism, attraction management, events management and food preparation.  There are also internship programs available for students to have hands-on or practical experience. Being hired in an entry-level position gives one the opportunity to learn more techniques and strategies in food and beverage preparation, customer service and restaurant operations.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Denver, Colorado

University of Central Florida, Florida

Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma

Strayer University (multiple locations across America)

South University (online learning)

Restaurant Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A restaurant manager may earn from $29,440 to $45,472 per year. The salary of a restaurant manager depends on where he works and his experience.  One may find work in restaurants, hotels, café’s, bars and other companies providing food service. Though a restaurant manager may work longer hours, he has the chance to meet and network with different types of people.

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