Risk Consultant Career

Career Description:

A risk consultant works with the management of a company and makes sure that there are no risks in the company’s operations. The risks they analyze are operational, financial, compliance and technological. They need to work in tandem with the financial wing, the audit department and the operational staff to make sure they are on the same page and nothing has gone unnoticed that can become an unwelcome surprise later.

How to become a Risk Consultant:

Those who aspire to become a risk consultant need to have a bachelor’s degree in auditing, accounts, finance or compliance. They can start off at a junior position. But those who wish to make a quick rise need to have a master’s degree. They can also enroll in management course that will give them a fair understanding of the company operations.

Risk Consultant career courses, training, programs:

Risk consultant need to be aware of the workings in the departments of finance, auditing, compliance and accounts. So holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in either of these courses of study helps to analyze the risk on a company. Also the expanse of the organization defines the role of the job. A management degree along with these degrees helps to understand the basic functioning processes of a company.

Risk Consultant career schools/colleges, education:

The bachelor’s and master’s degree in the courses mentioned helps the individual to learn the basics of the area. But the hand-on knowledge is got only when they have a management training to go with these courses.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Georgia

Temple University

Illinois State University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Appalacian State University

Risk Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Risk consultants are well paid and their salaries are directly proportional to the experience. One with very little experience earns around $40,000 but those with about 10 years experience earn around $99,000. One with even more experience can earn as much as $135,000.

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