Robotics Engineer Career

Career Description:

Robotics engineers are employed to design robots, and develop and research programs and applications for the same. They are also involved in product development and testing the robot’s component parts before creating the final design. Besides working on robots, robotics engineers are also brought in to develop and create tools, automated systems, factory equipment, and toys.

Since robotics is a rapidly burgeoning field, that needs an array of specialists for research purposes, proposing new concepts and finding ways to advance the existing ones, those with an aptitude for technology are best suited for this career.

How to become a Robotics Engineer:

A person looking to work in the field of robotics engineering typically needs to get a master’s degree or Ph.D. in robotics engineering. If one starts out studying mechanical engineering, then he should specialize in graduate school. If possible, enrolling in an Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) program at one’s college helps.

Robotics Engineer career courses, training, programs:

Right from Undergraduate level, one needs to have a strong hold on mathematics, computer science and engineering if he/she is hoping to work in robotics engineering. While studying engineering, the person would need to take up robotics laboratory, robotics theory, design and development.

Usually robotics manufacturing and research firms have most of the jobs in this field, though many engineers opt to work on-site maintain or oversee robots used by clients.

Robotics Engineer career schools/colleges, education:

Masters degrees are absolutely necessary for quality work in this field, though ones with a Ph.D in robotics engineering get the best of the pie. Various universities offer bachelors, masters as well as doctoral degrees in the field of robotics. There are also vocational schools that offer robotics training aiming at careers in robotics.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts

University of Southern California

Washington University, St. Louis

Robotics Engineer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Robotics Engineers are highly valued in a wide array of industries and fields as diverse as nuclear power plant maintenance, agriculture, mining and any other industry that might directly or indirectly benefit from robotics and so obviously the pay scale is quite high and so is the competition. Salary can vary between $64,000 to $96000 based on experience and education level. Robotics Engineers can be the highest paid in the District of Columbia, where there’s a compensation of about $116,420.

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