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No one in the world will deny with the fact that the high adrenaline sporting activities have been loved by them. The excitement and the thrill in the current generation extreme sports have resulted to the development of an established platform for the industry based on these sporting activities. The sport of sailing is one such sporting activity which has gathered enough attention in the recent times.

How to pursue a sailing career?

The career in the sailing sport is not a big deal provided the application of the qualifications in the sport is done in an apt way. Experience matters a lot in the fetching of the jobs meant in the field of the sailing sport. The extreme sports like the sailing are very much vulnerable to the accidents and hence these sports have a greats cope for the jobs related to averting the accidents and providing medical assistance. The managing jobs have a wide variety ranging from the managing of the sailing event to the managing of the technology sponsors.

Sailing career: Qualification, Courses, Training:

After the High school diploma, the Bachelor’s degree in Medicine is a must for the health related jobs, while the Bachelor’s degree in engineering is for the technology related jobs. The Bachelor’s degree in Commerce is required for the business oriented jobs in sailing sport. The Master’s degree in management shall help to make the resume of the aspiring person very dynamic in approach.

Sailing career: Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Following are some of the educational institutions which provide the necessary education and training in sporting activities:

  • University of Central Florida, Orlando
  • North Carolina State University, North Carolina
  • University of Minnesota, Minnesota

Sailing career: Job opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment:

The salary of the job depends on the commitments required for the given job. The managerial posts yield high salaries, the average being around 1300-1400$. The health related jobs and the technology oriented jobs have an average salary of around 1200$.

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