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Sales and marketing careers are highly competitive.  Many people compete for the same type of jobs.  So, it is good to have certifications and training which can improve your job prospects.

Internships are very useful for these careers, as companies give preference to those who have had some on-the-job kind of training.

It is also helpful if you take up courses in database applications, word processing and other related subjects.  Courses in foreign languages can also be very beneficial to those who are opting for a sales career.  Employers give preference to those who can communicate in widely spoken foreign languages like Spanish.  This knowledge can widen the customer base, especially in some cities.

Many firms run training programs for sales and marketing professionals to improve their skill sets.  Some firms run these programs in conjunction with various colleges or universities, or even professional societies.

Courses include subjects related to international marketing, sales management, market evaluation, interactive marketing, communication, telemarketing, market research etc.  These courses are generally conducted by the companies and are tailor-made to suit their particular products or fields.

Many colleges and universities also offer online courses to suit sales and marketing careers.  These courses can be pursued while attending full-time jobs or other courses.

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  1. Priti says:

    I wish to change my career from Sales to Marketing. I have been working for the last decade but have not seen much growth. Pls guide me on this front, should I do a course in Media as that really interests me and what options do I have post completion of course?
    So pls inform on which courses, institutes and career options avaialble.

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