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The career of a sales representative is challenging and rewarding. The sales representative simply approaches a client and pitches for a particular product of a company. He/she needs to have a strong sense of brand in order to do this.

The features of the good and/or service of the particular brand label must be well known by the sales representative and he/she must be able to explain each of those to the customers. He/she has to meet a certain target to achieve over a specified period of time and coordinate with his/her colleagues in the sales team.

How to become a sales representative:

A person who wants to become a sales representative should at least have a high school diploma in ay stream with decent grades. The person should be competitive in his/her attitude towards the profession as this is chiefly a target oriented job.

Many sales representatives have completed their under-graduate degree in a specific stream from a reputed college.

Courses, training, programs:

The training for a sales representative is a step-wise affair and follows certain defined steps. The concerned person is taught about the finer details of the professions via various real-life cases and their deep study.

It is extremely important to be very desperate and innovative to become a successful sales representative and progress in career and for this the course modules come in good support.

Sales representative career education, schools/colleges:

The schools and colleges in the United States are the ideal educational institutes to teach about the various facets of sales and marketing. The infrastructural facilities and the teaching staffs help the students to grab decent jobs in different companies.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Southern Illinois State University

William and Mary College

Oklahoma State University

University of Memphis

Florida National University

Sales representative job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The companies are in continuous requirement of sales representatives for their operations to maintain and increase their customer base. The starting salary hovers around $40, 000 exclusive of incentives.

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