SAP Consultant Career

Career Description: -

A SAP consultant has to provide information to the company for systematic employment of SAP system in the working of the company. SAP consultants are assigned the responsibility of installation of the SAP system as well as removing any difficulty that takes place. He/she is required to analyze the facts and take decisions.

How to become SAP consultant: -

To become a SAP consultant, all one needs a certificate at the associate or professional level given by SAP AG itself. There are no minimum education requirements that one needs to meet to be eligible for the certificate. A candidate can choose any course of his choice based on his interest, ability and experience. The only restriction is that registration for the certificate course is limited.

SAP consultant courses, training program:

In a SAP consultant certificate course, one learns the basics of financial accounting, accounting system analysis, Supply Chain Software and Advanced business Application Program. These are not mandatory subjects; however, many learn all this as it helps them later on.

SAP consultant career school/ colleges/ education: -

The bachelor’s degree provides the student familiarity with the subjects and topic that will help them in fulfilling their responsibilities as an SAP consultant. The academic course also develops the necessary aptitude in the student.

Top 5 Colleges/ Universities: -

  1. North-western University
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. Harvard University, Massachusetts
  4. Stanford University, California
  5. Cornell University, New York

SAP consultant job opportunities, salary, and recruitment: -

The salary of an SAP consultant varies according to the level of experience gained by him/ her. The salary earned by SAP consultants with less than a year of experience ranges in between $39,000 to $62,000 approximately. Those with one to four years of experience approximately earn $57,000 to $79,000.  When SAP consultants have experience of more than nine years, they can expect to earn nearly $100,000.

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